Private Education as a Way to the Future

“In large states, public education will always be mediocre, for the same reason that in a  large kitchen, the cooking is usually bad.”

                                                                                              -Friedrich Nietzsche

Swamibu / Foter / CC BY-NC

The common faith of government today lies in the power of state funding through taxation. The reasoning goes that if the state can mobilize vast amounts of resources for things such as wars, highway infrastructure and space exploration, why even leave anything for the private sector to do? If the state can fund a large military, why can it not alleviate poverty or educate the poor? Private service X is only for the rich, but by the mighty power of public institution X, the poor too can have a chance at life. Never has a greater lie ever been told than this.

          In the past, socialist control over an nation’s economy has proven to be deadly. If we analyze any good that has been socialized, for example, food, we see massive starvation and degradation of mankind. Socialist expansion doesn’t work in North Korea, and it didn’t work in the USSR. On the contrary, western capitalism in the United States, provides abundant, cheap food and a high standard of living, despite what ever part of the economy is held by the state (judicial, or education for 2 to name), is because of vast capitalist expansion, production output increase, and profit and loss incentives. This goes for any other good such as computers, or cars and oil (Henry Ford/Rockefeller). The same idea should be applied to education. Schooling is not a privilege, nor a right, it is merely a good or service, like a cellphone or a haircut, and should be treated as such.

          The grasp that the state holds on the market of education is immense. Nearly all countries in the world have some sort of public education system, and in most of these, public education is the dominant system of education. Because of this grasp, private schooling becomes expensive, as supply is severely constricted, and the bureaucracy of education also imposes regulations on private schooling institutions. Presently, privatized education seems expensive.

          But tomorrow, in the future, Capitalist expansion and privatization of schooling will help the poorest. Competition among education companies will lower prices and raise quality at the same time. Parents will now have total control of the curriculum, and the type of school that their children go to. With privatized education there will be more incentive for the teacher to actually control the classroom (instead of bureaucratic control), and most inefficiencies eradicated. Capitalism is the path to the future.

Even in the present education is helping the poorest. For as time continues, soon the future will be now:


Written by: Kelvin Silva

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