The LAPD’s Rogue Killer

Chris Dorner believes that murdering the children of his enemy is an appropriate course of action in order to exact revenge on his enemy – after all, killing someone’s child is probably the greatest emotional trauma you can inflict on them. This is the mentality of violence, the mentality of war, the mentality of the political means. “I have been offended. Thus, I am entitled to exact revenge at all costs.”

He espouses positive rights. He has no right to be employed by anybody, let alone the Navy or LAPD. And even if he did have such a right, this would not justify murder. But here again we see the logic of entitlement. After all, if we assert that he is entitled to a job, then unjustly taking that job away is conceptually no different than stealing any other kind of property… something which most people acknowledge may justify the use of deadly force under certain circumstances.

He sees the world in wholly racial and sexual divisions. He is the very thing he claims to be opposed to. He even identifies Asian police officers who are non-racist but who say “I … just don’t want conflict” to explain their non-interference with the abuses of the public by fellow officers as “high-value targets”… that is, that he will be targeting them in these announced killings.

In one online version of the manifesto (see update below), he illogically asserts that his killing spree would not be possible if there were an assault-weapons ban in place. This is illogical because, as a member of the armed forces and the LAPD, he is naturally entrusted to possess and own firearms. Gun regulations regularly exempt active-duty and even retired military and police from many of their provisions. Police officers and members of the armed forces are some of the biggest consumers of privately owned tactical weapons of all kinds, especially those deemed “dangerous-looking” and targeted in blanket AWBs. Consider that a member of the armed forces may enter virtually any Federal building, armed, with nothing more than a quick check of his or her military ID by security personnel – a privilege Dorner had.

And why should he wish for there to be more power in the hands of those that have abused him… by virtue of their immense power? For example, could any private employer have protected white employees who denigrated one of their black employees as a “nigger”? Clearly, the LAPD’s monopoly on security services in the LA area is part and parcel of its immense power to abuse even its own employees.

The most immediate effect of gun bans is to enlarge the power of police departments. After a weapons ban, abuse of citizens is less likely to result in armed resistance. Even more importantly, the law-abiding citizens are forced to be dependent upon the police for the production of security which they are prohibited from self-producing. In a mega-city like LA, this means that the citizens are left at the mercy of the department’s absurd response times, particularly in the areas that are most crime-ridden – if the department chooses to respond at all.

He looks to Barack Obama as a kind of hero when Obama regularly violates people’s rights in ways far more grievous than any suffering that Dorner has endured at the hands of the LAPD. We need look no further than the mind-numbing civilian casualties of the drone program. Or the body count in Iraq stretching out to the horizon. In Afghanistan, the atrocities include a wedding party bombed to oblivion or young children decimated in indiscriminate killings in a small village. All under Obama’s command. And Dorner – the killer-whiner with an overdeveloped bully mentality large enough to match the whole LAPD’s – is pitching a temper tantrum over losing his government jobs. And let’s not forget that part of his justification for murder is that he was called a bully.

The whole world revolves around the government and politics, in Dorner’s mind. And his juvenile mentality shows through in stark contrast at points – he is a man on a suicide mission and one of his dying regrets is that he will miss the third installment of Hangover – movies whose stupendously juvenile plots never stimulate the mind above the level of the primordial brainstem.

As a government-trained killer, Dorner is vastly more dangerous than a run-of-the-mill killer. He has already shown the devious and disingenuous mentality that government-trained killers are encouraged to exhibit. If Dorner were the great beacon of old-fashioned male-pride and moral purity that he claims to be, he would have confronted his chief enemy or enemies face-to-face and killed them on the spot and faced the fatal consequences. This would still be murder, of course, but my point is that his claims to be a kind of old-fashioned, reputation-and-honor-at-any-cost type of man are simply false. He is a cowardly, lying, deceptive murderer… typical of any government-trained killer.

He has shrewdly calculated that the LAPD would search for him using his vehicle and he has misdirected LAPD’s attention to the wrong area (the mountains) by setting his vehicle ablaze there. He has also shrewdly calculated that the LAPD’s immediate reaction would be an over-the-top, blinded, lashing display of force and intimidation. They have reacted exactly as Dorner knew they would, with disastrous results for innocents caught in the crossfire.

As evil and corrupt as we already knew LAPD to be, we must hope that this manhunt will end as quickly as possible. Let’s not forget that War is the Health of the State. The State reaches its climax in perpetual war… police departments reach their climax in unending manhunts. Dorner’s self-imagined crusade against LAPD – which, so far, has merely been random murder and injury of uninvolved innocents – is itself the very evil which LAPD wreaks on the public and is serving to energize and aggrandize that evil all the more.

In William Grigg’s terminology, Dorner sees everyone now as Mundanes… both police and civilians alike. Psychologically, he has become the embodiment of the Brotherhood itself… in his mind, he is above them now and they sit below him as Mundanes, just like we sit below the police as Mundanes.

Dorner is a typical, government-trained killer. His behavior is the picture-perfect expression of the mindset that the military and police trainers work very hard to instill into their recruits. The only difference is that Dorner has broken ranks… he has stopped fearing the superiors. This is called insubordination and is one of the most severely punished infractions in any armed department of the government for precisely this reason. Among the government’s trained-killers are “the most dangerous men on the face of the earth”… “sort of like Murder Incorporated”. No one understands better than the government itself the danger these men pose to the government should they go rogue.

Let’s hope for our sake and especially for the sake of the innocent residents of LA, who are the primary victims of LAPD, that this internecine war ends very quickly.


UPDATE: It appears that there are more than one version of “Chris Dorner’s” “Manifesto” online. I’ve used a “diff” utility to compare three sources so far and have found substantial variations in all three. By substantial, I mean entire paragraphs are randomly inserted or redacted. All claim to be “uncensored”. Below are the links to the three versions I’ve compared. If I get the time, I’ll post an update showing some of the differences.

Versions of Dorner’s Manifesto:

Version 1
Version 2
Version 3


11 thoughts on “The LAPD’s Rogue Killer

  1. gotlucky 02/09/2013 at 01:04 Reply

    Phenomenal analysis.

  2. Andris Birkmanis 02/09/2013 at 01:29 Reply

    Are the civilian victims of the police presented as collateral damage by the media? There is not much info on the internet yet.

    • claytonkb 02/09/2013 at 01:40 Reply

      Well, “nobody’s died” yet, so it’s “no big deal”. But yeah, the chief himself said that he thinks “anybody can understand” how the officers might have made such a mistake. In the one shooting of a 71-year old woman and her daughter delivering newspapers in the early morning, the pickup was the wrong COLOR, and the wrong MAKE, let alone the wrong model. It’s a wonder that the only major injuries were two bullets in the back of the very tough 71-year old who they are claiming is going to be fine. Dozens of bullet holes riddled not only the truck itself but the surrounding houses including front-entry ways, garage doors, sidewalks, house-siding and other vehicles parked in their driveways. This is how nuts they’ve gone. But the chief stands behind these officers. Good God.

      Then a few hours later, they shot at another pickup… at least this time they got the right color. Again, random innocents. But no big deal. Just cops being cops, and we should all understand how edgy they are right now, being as they are the targets of a killer from their own ranks.

  3. Etjon Basha 02/09/2013 at 02:17 Reply

    A new primate: I actually read the news first on VR. Great post!

  4. z1235 02/09/2013 at 06:42 Reply


  5. toolman 02/09/2013 at 18:27 Reply

    i think you read the propagandized, edited manifesto. his real one has zero mention of gun control and doesn’t deify the likes of diane feinstein. the real manifesto:

    otherwise, keen insight on this. i think it’s particularly telling when he says he supports the federal government “100%”. clearly something isn’t clicking upstairs if he can’t see that what the lapd does is just a poor imitation of the evil perpetrated by the feds.

    • claytonkb 02/09/2013 at 22:38 Reply

      Wow, this is infuriating and somewhat terrifying… I’ve check three sources now and found three SUBSTANTIALLY different versions. Entire paragraphs are included or redacted depending on which source you take…. I’ll update and point this out.

  6. Marko 02/10/2013 at 03:32 Reply

    Hey this is like reading William Grigg himself, which is high praise indeed!

  7. NewToEU 03/13/2013 at 06:51 Reply

    Clayton? … Please excuse this out-of-subject intervention. However, I think I’ve now got the right guy, the person who posted on the Mises Community forum thread about the Electric Universe and black holes? I made an attempt to reach you earlier but ended up being answered by Mauro Cella, who apparently knows you and pointed me here. In terms of your EU related comment which questioned the existence of black holes … you are actually spot on! If you would like to become aware of the math which says they are impossible, along with an explanation for why things currently are as they are, then please watch these two short videos by Stephen Crothers – Australian mathematician:

    The guy is correct, and he’s entertaining while being so, and what he explains is all that one needs to prove the case that black holes are nonsense. The implications are vast.

    Just trying to help.

    Cheers … TomF.

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